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Everyday ain’t good but there’s something good in everyday

walking on eggshells and can’t seem to do anything right…Goodnight World

The boss man and a single speed make for good company.

The boss man and a single speed make for good company.

dollar and a dream

walking on egg shells with hobbit feet. crossing the path of righteousness and looking it off in anticipation of the pain it entails. fear is the only thing that drives me, positivity isn’t bred in my motivational capacity. the fear grips my fingers and toes until laying down is agonizing, while frantically pacing feels like down time. wound too tight with no outlets for this perpetual anxiety. I am balancing the explosion of a boston marathon bomb and the constant droning of bells. i see peace in my path only with destructive means to a transcendent end. we crunch all the numbers just to second guess the actuality of their higher purpose. We live for others and die for ourselves. alone and wondering what it would have been like without those voices. without the fear that bears upon our haunches. everyone is a genius in their own mind, and maybe there is truth in that. how sad it is that we wash ourselves of our genius to explore the revelation of normality. here we are world, shape us until we are no more. lifeless existence that has no appreciation. live for the day. CARPE DIEM. the phrase that was founded on its anti-principle. what we should be, how we should feel. nothing to show for it but the fear that triumphs in all of us. I look at what I’ve done with a cold grim stare. As meaningless as the fear-engined souls I encounter pursuing that grandiose higher education  I’m no more educated. just given skewed perceptions of what i am capable of. Again wondering if This Too Shall Pass….OK … GO


Here’s some photos of my Artcrank poster in the exhibition.

The Artcrank London exhibition will be on at Plain Wall Gallery for a week, then the posters will move to Look Mum No Hands for another two weeks. Posters by all the artists are a limited edition, available for £30.

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